Values of Universitas Bakrie

The values of Universitas Bakrie refer to the principles of implementing Higher Education in Law Number 12 of 2012 concerning Higher Education, particularly the search for scientific truth by the academic community, democratic and fair, upholding human rights, religious values, cultural values, pluralism, unity & integrity, and national unity.

The values of Universitas Bakrie are:

  1. Pancasila is the foundation for the management of Universitas Bakrie by upholding the values of being innovative, caring, and professional (professional)
  2. The innovative spirit encourages Universitas Bakrie to be progressive, forward-thinking, creative, open, and independent in responding to future challenges. However, caring must be considered to avoid destructiveness. Adhering to the value of caring requires moral sensitivity to human beings, the environment, and the universe. People of Universitas Bakrie have empathy for the problems of others, have a sense of solidarity, help each other sincerely. Furthermore, innovation and care will only be proportionately appropriate if it is based on the principles of professionalism. Adhering to the value of professionalism requires compliance with the law, rules, and code of ethics that have been agreed upon, being responsible for every action, prioritizing competence in duties, and upholding justice.
  3. As part of the Bakrie Business Group, the Academic Community of Universitas Bakrie adheres to the Bakrie Trimatra, which includes Indonesianness, Expediency, and Togetherness.