Class Room





Classrooms are equipped with AC, LCD Projector, SMART Board Technologies & In Focus, computers for lecturers, and internet access to support the teaching process. Each classroom can accommodate a maximum of 50 people.


Computer Laboratory


The Computer Laboratory is equipped with various applications, software related to learning subjects and supported by internet access for teaching activities.



Photography Studio






The photography studio is regularly used for product and model shooting related to print & online advertising production, print  online media, branding, and photo experiments. Photography Studio is equipped with: camera, photo background, and lighting


Chemistry Laboratory

This laboratory conducts basic chemical engineering practicum activities for Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Practical Analytical Chemistry, Organic Physical Chemistry, Biochemical Chemistry for the Food Science and Technology Study Program.

The primary laboratory equipment consists of:

  • PH meter
  • Analytical balance
  • Chromatography
  • Distillation Equipment
  • Micrometer
  • Vortex
  • desiccator


Cisco Laboratory





The Cisco network system supported network and communication technology, equipment, and services for data, voice, and video transportation used in activities that take place at Universitas Bakrie.


Radio Studio

The radio studio is one of the practices for students to experience work in the broadcasting field. In addition to the complete equipment as the actual radio, the broadcasting room is also provided with facilities that allow recording radio advertisements and talk shows. This place is where the MecRadio airs.



Physics Laboratory





This laboratory conducts Basic Physics practicum activities for Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Industrial Engineering students.

This Physics Laboratory is equipped with various tools to support physics practicum, including O-house balance and liquids' viscosity, Lens, Calorimeter, Micrometer, Audio Frequency Generator, Bosshead, Plumb Bob, and Roll Meter




TV Studio

In addition to lectures and practicum, The TV Studio is also used for student club activities. The studio is equipped with cameras and equipment that allows live and tapping, supporting students to explore the atmosphere of working in an actual TV station.

 The TV Studio facilitated with:

- Camera

- Teleprompter

- Lighting

- Tables and chairs

- Controller Room




Creative and Multimedia Studio





The Creative and Multimedia Laboratory is equipped with IMac for designing and editing to produce print, video, and film advertisements, TV commercials, radio advertisements, and the production of online advertisements and cyber PR materials.





UPT Perpustakaan Bakrie was established since Bakrie School of Management (BSM) in 2005. The Library of Universitas Bakrie aims to conduct the Tri Dharma of Higher Education by providing access to information sources and services to develop creative students in seeking knowledge independently.


 Bakrie Language Solutions



Bakrie Language Solutions (BLS) is one of the units within Universitas Bakrie which provides English services to students, lecturers, and the public. BLS has been expanding rapidly to meet public demands for English Mastery. Our training aims to meet the needs in the business community for improving English competence among the staff. The following skills are emphasized and taught:

  • Competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Increasing self - confidence in liaising with clients and colleagues
  • Cross - Cultural Understanding



Tax Center

The Tax Center of Universitas Bakrie serves the academic community and public in tax consulting and junior consultant training. The Tax Center is facilitated with the most advanced materials from the DJP



Bakrie Information Gateway




Universitas Bakrie provides a website portal for students to access and manage academic activities in one account. The website portal is named BIG (Bakrie Information Gateway). In BIG, students can access:

  • Student Personal Data (profile)
  • Value Documentation (Study Result Card)
  • Course Selection Sheet (KRS)
  • Class & exam schedules
  • Academic Calendar
  • List Of Student Lecture Attedance




Hotspot Free Wi-fi


 Universitas Bakrie provides free Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the campus area. This internet access can be used for 24 hours



Mini Music Studio




Universitas Bakrie University provides space for students to develop themselves in the field of music. The Music Studio is equipped with several musical materials, such as Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Cajon.



Civil Engineering Integrated Laboratory


The integrated civil engineering laboratory of Universitas Bakrie operates as a practical and experimental learning center used by students and services for engineering research and consulting, including the design of buildings, bridges, roads, and geotechnical engineering. Civil Engineering Integrated Laboratory Facilities include: Concrete Technology Laboratory, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Highway Laboratory